Welcome to the Islamic Azad University- Majlesi Branch

On the behalf of the president of the university, we appreciate your knowingly choice for study in one of the most equipped and successful universities of the country.


Introducing the Islamic Azad University- Majlesi Branch

Across our national campuses, The Islamic Azad University-Majlesi Branch is attended by over 1200 students and 70 faculty members. Around a quarter of these students are graduate students, coming from over 20 cities of the country.

The University was founded as a civic college in 1993, originally in Majlesi New Town in Esfahan Province, Iran. Esfahan is one of the most beautiful tourist and also industrial city of Iran.  The University has continued to expand as an innovative and globally-focused center of higher education.

University values

The Islamic Azad University-Majlesi Branch vision is to be widely recognized as the first choice of:

  • Students who want a top quality, in engineering fields,
  • Researchers who want the best opportunity to collaborate with the nearby industrial facilities,
  • Well-equipped laboratories and workshops for the researchers need,
  • Fully experienced faculty members with wide range of successfully performed industrial projects,
  • Numerous national and international publications. (Books, ISI papers, Patents, and so on)